Vertex castapress :

Description :

Vertex™ Castapress is a denture base material for use with the moulding technique and is based on a methyl methacrylate (polymer/monomer). Vertex™ Castapress can be polymerised in 30 minutes by application of pressure and heat. Vertex™ Castapress is a cadmium-free acrylic and meets with international quality standards, such as ISO 1567and ISO 7491. Castapress also bears the CE mark in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC 'Medical Devices'.

Technical specifications :


9.7 kJ/m2

Flexural strength

75 MPa

Flexural modulus

2293 MPa

Water sorption

22.1 µg/mm3


0.7 µg/mm3

Denture Duplication :

Designated for :

1. Patients who want new dentures without starting over the adaptation process. 

2. Patients who want to maintain their previous appearance after receiving their new dentures.

3. Cases when an existing denture has to be transformed to a surgical     guide for implant placing.

Vertex Soft :

1. Elastic properties allow indefinite adjustability.

2. Vertex Soft will chemically bond to all acrylics.

3. Adjustability can be delegated to the patient.

4. Vertex Soft is capable of performing over 60 different applications.

5. Exclusive patented technology, not available anywhere else. Control over an infinite amount of rigidities allows new designs.

6. Saves chair/bench time. The system will increase the level of service and comfort.

Bicon Implant System :

(No screws implant prosthodontics)
Features : Benefits :
-Titanium Alloy (Ti 6Al-4V ELI) -360° of abutment positioning
-1.5° locking taper -Integrated Abutment Crowns™
-Fin or plateau root form design -Extra-oral cementation
-Sloping shoulder -No rotation
-Grit blasted, acid-etched, and passivated -Greater surface area
-Solid titanium alloy abutments -Short implants (6.0 x 5.7mm!)
-Three surfaces: HA, TPS, and Uncoated -Chair-side immediate loading
-Angled abutments -One-stage, two-stage options
-Shouldered abutments -No screws or torque drivers
-Non-shouldered abutment -Superior gingival aesthetics


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